Matte Black Vinyl Background Matte Black Vinyl Background


BD's Matte Black Infinity Vinyl Background is a deep, rich black that creates a dramatic mood for portraits, advertising, and other commercial photography. Its unique matte finish eliminates glare.

Available in 1.52m x 2.13m, 1.52m x 3.65m, 2.43m x 3.04m, 2.43m x 6.09m, 2.75m x 3.04m, 2.75m x 6.09m, 3.04m x 3.04m, 3.04m x 6.09m


  • Professional-quality vinyl
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean; just wash with a damp sponge and mild household cleaner
  • Seamless, hangs straight for a flawless background
  • Sturdy core prevents wrinkles
  • 500 g/sm thickness
  • Core diameter: 2.125" (interior)

Product Codes:

  • #V20-0507 - 1.52m x 2.13m
  • #V20-0512 - 1.52m x 3.65m
  • #V20-0810 - 2.43m x 3.04m
  • #V20-0820 - 2.43m x 6.09m
  • #V20-0910 - 2.75m x 3.04m
  • #V20-0920 - 2.75m x 6.09m
  • #V20-1010 - 3.04m x 3.04m
  • #V20-1020 - 3.04m x 6.09m

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