Translum Background Translum Background


BD Translum resembles frosted glass yet handles with the ease of paper. Use in a variety of ways: as a background, prop set-up, light table and more. Ideal for cutting silhouettes.

  • Our lightweight grade creates medium diffusion for a soft light effect in situations where some contrast is still desired.
  • Our medium grade creates a dramatic soft light effect where the elimination of most shadows is desirable.
  • Our original, heavy grade creates a dramatic soft light effect where diffusing light over a large area is desired. This grade is an ideal and cleanable surface for shooting tables and table tops.
Size Thickness F-Stop Light Loss
1.37m x 5.48m .0135 Styrene 2 - Heavyweight (Original) -64%
1.52m x 5.48m 8 mil Polypropylene 1.5 - Medium weight -57%
1.52m x 5.48m .005 Polyester 3/4 - Lightweight -31%
30.5cm x 30.5cm Sheets  Assorted Variety (2 of each)  



  • Sturdy, durable plastic
  • Specialized effect of frosted glass
  • Easily cut with scissors, ideal for cutting silhouettes

Product Codes

Heavyweight #55418

Medium-weight #46018

Lightweight #36018

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