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5 Special Events to Use a Printed Backdrop For

5 Special Events to Use a Printed Backdrop For

Photography clients often request sessions around special events in their lives. New babies, birthdays, weddings, and other milestones are important to document to preserve memories.

As a photographer, your job is to provide the best setup for capturing beautiful and memorable photos for your clients during these times. Don't bring them boring or traditional styling! Step up your setups with festive and patterned backdrops to fit whatever theme you're working around. Here are 5 special occasions our Printed Background Paper can come in handy.

1. Birthdays

Birthdays are a very special event for kids, especially through their younger years. Through the inspiration of Pinterest and magazines, kids' parties are becoming more elaborate as a trend. A designated photo booth for all guests makes for great party favors for kids and parents alike. A themed setup like the Rainbow Sprinkle Printed Paper below can also be a great template for creating special invitations with the posed birthday child as well.

bd printed background paper

2. Graduations & Promotions

Notable milestones like school graduations, work promotions, and other special award presentations are worthy moments to celebrate. Planning a gathering or reception doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal, but even a simple portrait area next to the food tables can provide a fun activity for the honoree to gather photos with all guests to help remember the event. Photos are the best way to reminisce on special times with special friends.

bd printed background paper

3. Holidays

Annual holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July and Christmas are some of the best times to offer special themed photo session packages to your clients. A holiday patterned backdrop makes it easy to fill the rest of the space with just a couple themed props to complete a festive look.

bd printed background paper

4. Engagements

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in many people’s lives. Special engagement photo shoots are popular for couple’s to use professional photographs on their wedding announcements and “Save the Date” postcards. In addition to a few beautiful outdoor locations to shoot at, offer a special romantic backdrop for posed studio portraits for another, different look.

bd printed background paper

5. Weddings

Photo booths have become practically a staple entertainment activity for wedding guests. The brighter, bolder, and wackier the props and backdrop, the more memorable the photos become. Utilizing a patterned backdrop instead of a solid fabric can strengthen the theme of the wedding or just help keep the party going.